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About Us

Wirrimbi Milling Pty Ltd, founded in 2008, manufactures High-Energy and High-Fibre macadamia meal that is used extensively and successfully throughout the livestock industry. Wirrimbi Milling makes-use of the bi-products that are created in the Macadamia industry, which would otherwise end up as landfill. Wirrimbi Milling makes-use of the entire bi-product manufacturing Macadamia Shell into a cost-effective and highly efficient source of renewable energy!

Its founder, David Zeck, has a long association with this industry as his family are macadamia farmers on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, Australia. David is also a lifelong cattle feeder

and commercial feed yard operator, giving him a deep understanding of the operational-side of business. On trips to his family’s farm he would see bins of reject macadamia nuts that looked fine but were destined for ‘the gully’. He thought this to be extremely wasteful. The majority of these were ‘floaters’; nuts floated off by the water sorter during the de-husking stage of the harvest.

With many collection points strategically setup between Bundaberg in QLD and Macksville in NSW, and with the ability to move large amounts of reject macadamia nuts in our own trucks as well as delivering bulk loads of our high energy macadamia meal to our clients, we have quickly become macadamia logistics experts here at Wirrimbi Milling!